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Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty is the name of the laser procedure used to treat piles. In the second, third, and fourth stages of the disease, a laser therapy for piles may be given, although in the first stage, we try to cure it with medications and dietary modifications. Comparison to other intensive surgical treatments, a laser hemorrhoidoplasty is very effective and requires very little recovery time.

The rays of a laser are used in a laser therapy process. Laser beams are directed at the target area, causing a fibrous response in the endothelium or inner cells of swelling arteries and connective tissue cells. The blood arteries that provide blood to the hemorrhoids constrict or close as a result of this response. The haemorrhoids deflate and eventually dry out as a result of this. Hemorrhoids reach back inside due to a fibrous response in hemorrhoidal connective tissue, resolving haemorrhoids prolapse problems.

A non-surgical way of treating piles is a laser hemorrhoidoplasty. This procedure does not necessitate the use of anaesthetic. The advantages of laser hemorrhoidoplasty over standard surgical therapy for piles are numerous. Some of them are as follows:

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