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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery involves removing the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint and replacing them with new ones. These surfaces of the knee joint are prone to wear and tear over time, eventually wearing down and causing pain and discomfort. Inability to do everyday chores and gradual loss of movement are the effects of the pain and discomfort. The most prevalent cause of knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. Arthritis affects one’s capacity to move freely and reduces one’s quality of life. Pain and swelling, trouble standing or moving, redness of the joint, and other symptoms are all indicators. Knee replacement surgery can be done unilaterally – on one knee alone – or bilaterally – on both knees. Pulse Medicare Hospital is the best Knee Replacement Surgery Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram  for successful Knee Joint Replacement.

Hip Replacement 

Hip replacement is a surgery wherein the patient’s hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint to relieve pain and discomfort. The best Hip Replacement Surgery hospital in Thiruvananthapuram is  available at Pulse Medicare Hospital, which is run by a team of highly experienced specialists with extensive expertise in hip joint replacement surgery. We are generally regarded as Kerala’s leading Hip Replacement Surgery hospital and successful hip joint replacement surgery.The operation is required according to the patient’s osteoarthritis of the hip joint, which is producing pain and severe discomfort. This has an impact on his or her quality of life as well as his or her capacity to move freely. As a result, the patient’s movement is limited, and he or she is unable to do daily chores. Pulse Medicare Hospital is one of the best hip replacement surgery hospitals in Thiruvananthapuram for successful hip joint replacement.

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