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Abdominal ultrasonography can assist doctors in diagnosing issues with the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys. Pelvic ultrasound can assist doctors in diagnosing issues with your lower abdomen and pelvic organs, such as gynaecological or bladder issues. Ultrasound is also used to monitor the fetal growth throughout pregnancy.  Ultrasound scans are generally performed by a sonographer, who is a radiographer who has received specific training in ultrasound scans, or by a radiologist, who is a doctor who has received special training in imaging methods.

Abdomen Scan

Most of the time, you’ll have to lie on your back on a couch. The individual who scans you will apply gel to your abdomen’s skin across the region that will be inspected. The gel makes it easier for the sensor to move over your skin and produces better images. The sensor is pressed against your skin and swung over the surface.

Scan of the Pelvis

With a full bladder, this procedure helps to raise the big bowel out of the pelvis, allowing your radiologist or sonographer to examine your pelvic organs more clearly. The process is similar to that of an abdominal or transvaginal scan.

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